The habit of cooking Italian mustard during the summer time in Mantua is ancient and still very common.
It arises from the instinctive desire to give fruits and vegetables a longer life and offers us an original version of these precious products from the nature

To prepare a good mantuan mustard beside excellent fruit and vegetable you need few ingredients but the most important is time. One day is not enough and you also need a lot of patience. You need to wait that every single production step ends naturally, that the sugar added to the fruit melts slowly and wraps each piece of fruit for many hours. You need to separate liquid from the fruit and make it boiling four times for several hours.

During each boiling phase you need to verify the consistency and color change and pouring the syrup over the fruit that absorbs its sweetness and slowly softens with it.

At the end of this process, you need to wait until the Mostarda cools down and mix for long while adding mustard essence. You need to wait again until every single slice of fruit or vegetable has reached the requested hotness.

When finally the Mantuan mustard reaches the tables, it becomes a perfect complement to boiled and roasted meat, but it is the protagonist with cheeses.
Any kind of cheese, aged or fresh, savory or sweet, vaccine or goat, find an appropriate combining with the different spicy tastes of Mostarda.

Mostarda di Mela
Mantuan Mustard



It is the most classic and popular Mantuan MOSTARDA, the key ingredient in pumpkin tortelli.
It always matches boiled meat and cheeses such as Grana Padano, Castelmagno and Pecorino romano.

Mostarda di Pera
Mantuan Mustard



This is the most appreciated by those who love traditional MOSTARDA. Beside meat and cold cuts, it can be served with Parmesan, Asiago, Bagos, Comté.

Mostarda di Mela Cotogna
Mantuan Mustard



This impervious compact and smelling fruit becomes an intense flavoring mostarda. Great with Culatello, soft cheeses, Mascarpone, Ricotta, Stracchino.

Mantuan Mustard


Apple and pumpkin, a fortunate meeting that creates a chromatically rich and pleasant MOSTARDA. To taste with Tome Piemontese, Taleggio, smoked cheeses.

Mostarda di Mela e Zucca
Mantuan Mustard


Humble, soft and mellow protagonist of Mantuan kitchen, this mostarda is perfect with Taleggio, Crescenza cheese, blue cheese.

Mostarda di Zucca
Mostarda di Melone
Mantuan Mustard


The crispy slices that , one after the other, whet your appetite, can be enjoyed with Ubriaco, aged Bazzotto, goat’s cheese, boiled and roasted meat.

Mantuan Mustard


This colorless and tasteless fruit gives us a refined and pleasant taste, perfect with aromatic Cheeses, Provole, Bitto, BRA.

Mostarda di Anguria
Mostarda di Kiwi
Mantuan Mustard


Its fresh and intriguing taste together with its tempting slices emphasize fresh cheeses, Murazzano, cow’s milk Caciotta, Mozzarella. It could also be an unusual pairing with Sbrisolona.

Mostarda di Albicocche
Mantuan Mustard


Its mild taste and its bright color enrich semi aged cheeses, Montasio, Asiago, Brie.

Mostarda di Prugna
Mantuan Mustard


The shiny appearance and firm flavor will surprise lovers of classic MOSTARDA. Special pairing with aged cheeses, Pecorino, Caciotta Toscana and cold cuts.

Mantuan Mustard


Amazing. Whole fruits are soft with a juicy and spicy heart. A delicious combining with Salame or with fresh and blue cheeses, Burrata, Mascarpone.

Mostarda di Fichi
Mantuan Mustard


The new interpretation of a classic recipe claim to surprise. It easily exalts Parmesan, mixed milk Ricotta, ice-creams.

Mostarda di Pera al caffè
Mostarda di Fragola
Mantuan Mustard


Only the small hard and juicy fruits, create a unique taste, to join with aged and semi aged cheeses, Castelmagno.

Mantuan Mustard


Even if it arouses mistrust, those who bravely taste the red onion mostarda become enthusiastic admirers. It is suggested with meat and fresh cheeses or you can try it as an ingredient for an alternative risotto.

Mostarda di Cipolla
Mantuan Mustard


This is the most versatile mostarda. Hard to find a cheese that is unsuitable to pair with it. In particular we suggest Asiago, Fontina, Provolone, Gorgonzola.

Mostarda di Pomodoro

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